A Fun Time with Family
I recently joined my pet parents for an outdoor picnic. A lot of other pet owners joined us too and I had a wonderful time playing with them. Just after my lunch (I had my favourite real chicken in gravy….slurp) we played a wonderful guessing game that revolved around some dog trivia and fun facts. I have decided to share some fun facts with you all as well. See if you know about them! 1. Which dog breed is the smallest of them all? A) Dachshund B) Shih tzu C) Pomeranian D) Chihuahua 2. Which dog breed has a black tongue? A) Husky B) Labrador C) Weimaraner D) Chow chow 3. Which dog yodels instead of barks? A) Komondor B) Otterhound C) Basenji D) Basset hound 4. What is the most common training command taught to dogs? A) Stay B) Beg C) Sit D) Dance 5. What is the favourite dog breed of the Queen of England? A) Corgi B) Basenji C) Poodle D) Pomeranian Answers: 1- D, 2-D, 3-C, 4-C, 5-A How many did you answer? Did you all enjoy this quiz? Tweet us if you did @drools Woof Woof Snoopy
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